When will this end?!

Obama has said, in a conference meeting in Washington today, that nearly 10,000 troops will remain in Afghanistan despite his promise to end this war over his watch.

It is believed that the troops will provide assistance, to the Afghan government, with fighting back the resurgent Taliban.  Obama said that while Afghan forces have made progress, the security situation in the country remains fragile.

But when will the Afghan government be strong enough to keep the Taliban- or any other terrorist groups- at bay?

How long will troops have to remain in Afghanistan?

I think that many years will pass before that region of the world is in peace. Therefore, I don’t think that Obama will be able to keep his promise of ending this endless war.

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Labour to oppose budget surplus rule after U-turn

This is just pure banter, all banter and nothing but banter!!! The banter God will be proud

‘Calm down’

Diane Abbott, said some in the party were “only slowly coming to terms” with the fact that Jeremy won the leadership contest.

MP’s will debate and vote on Mr Osborne’s Charter for Budget Responsibility on Wednesday.



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As I read the Daily Mail’s account of Lord Ashcroft’s recent accusations about David Cameron, I think to myself, is it any of our business?

I’m not one to rush to the defence of Dave, in-fact I’m normally quite happy to revel in the banter and let it all be revealed, but, for me, this is a step too far. At the end of the day, this is his private life, every-one has a private life, even you. His past is HIS past!! Whether or not it actually happened (which there is very little evidence for), so what? What does a bit of university banter mean for him now? I’m 100% positive that if we delved into the past of any politician, we’d find some juicy stuff, but why should we?  Sure, Ashcroft says he’s letting people decide whether or not it’s true, but he shouldn’t have published this in the first place!

If you ask me this is just a way for Lord Ashcroft to get back at David Cameron. Whether or not you like Dave, you have to feel sorry for him at this time. Or, on the flip side, maybe you’ve broken into a smile thinking about the shame he’s felt. So, before you make up you’re mind, just think- ‘Is this any of my business?’

If you want to read the full story, follow the link below;

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Well said, Cameron

To be quite frank, I’m not overly fond of David Cameron but today his speech about ‘hate preaching in schools’ was spot on!

In some Muslim Madrasas children are actually being TAUGHT not to mix with other races!

This is causing mass segregation among society as children are growing up ‘filled with poison and their hearts with hate”.

It’s completely unacceptable and needs to stop NOW!!

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Not surprised really!!!

‘Nigel Farage faces a European Parliament investigation for using taxpayer funds to pay for a roadshow around Britain campaigning against the European Union.’ – Daily Mail Online

Proper juicy banter was revealed a few days ago, this bombshell was dropped under his nose!!

It seems as if there’s alot of secrets that the UK independence party aren’t telling!!

Hope the investigation will unravel some other mysteries too!!

Read the full story here…


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“Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters on the Labour left are “tankies and trots” who deploy the tactics of divide and rule as ruthlessly as “the old colonialists they purport to despise”, Boris Johnson.

What do you Banterous people think of this statement from the big boy Boris Johnson?

See the full story here;


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