Results 2017: The Fall of UKIP?

The first in a series of analytical pieces on the 2017 General Election.

Many political commentators predicted the demise of the UK Independence Party during the most recent election campaign, but few understood the extent to which this inevitable drop would go. UKIP lost nearly 11% of their national vote in 2017, and the country is better of for it. This ‘party’ was a one trick pony, always drawing political debate back to the EU and Immigration, and were a representation of everything wrong with modern politics. Don’t get me wrong, vote for who you want, but vote for a party that actually has more than one policy and wont die out from one election. People abandoned UKIP like we knew they inevitably would, (yes you could argue the FPTP voting system should take some blame here), they were never a serious political option for anyone who actually took politics seriously.

So can we just agree that UKIP are no longer a viable political option, can we proclaim the death of UKIP, can we move on from a politics of hate and lies…. No, no we can’t. Even with no MP’s, no leader, few council seats and their support in tatters, they will rise again, *sigh*. If Theresa May doesn’t Brexit properly (what does that even mean?), if voters become disillusioned once more, or if we abandon common sense and vote them into a 100 seat majority for the lolz, we will see a return to UKIP.

And for heavens sake, we’ve just opened the door for Nigel Flipping Farage to come back into British Politics, could this election have gone any worse.  But for now at least, it’s safe to say we won’t have to take them too seriously for a while.



No more UKIP

The Archbishop of Banterbury, MG


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