Election 2017: Plaid Standing Strong

The second part of our analysis on the 2017 General Election. Please see post text before complaining about bias.

So a lot of you may not be aware of what Plaid Cymru stands for, how they do in elections or why you’ve never seen them before, but bare with me.

Plaid Cymru are the basically the Welsh SNP, but less popular. They share a lot of common left-wing politics with Labour and the SNP, but pursue Welsh Independence. Recently, their success has been a viable interpretation of the appetite for independence in Wales. Out of 40 Welsh MP’s returned to the commons, Plaid’s record is 4, and they equalled that record this Election after snatching Ceredigion from the Lib Dems.

You might be wondering why this is an important result. At a time of complete and total uncertainty, it’s essential that Wales has a team of ‘strong and stable’ Plaid MP’s that will stand up and fight to protect Welsh Interests. For too long has Wales been put to the side of UK politics, been taken for granted by Labour as a guaranteed seat keeper, but this election heralds a change in the Status Quo. Now, I understand that Plaid’s vote share actually decreased around 2% since the last election, but there’s a reasonable explanation for this. Tactical Voting definitely came into play this Election, with millions of voters rejecting Theresa May’s power grab by teaming up to kick the Tories out. This might not have worked how it should have, but it explains why the third party vote was down on 2015.

Nevertheless, I know Plaid will continue to stand strong in the face of austerity and fight to keep Wales prominent in the upcoming Brexit talks and secure equal funding lost from the Brexit process. In terms of the future, I hope Leanne Wood stays, she is an excellent leader who shows her commitment to Wales, and she has taken the Party in the right direction, allowing the traditional Labour Voters a viable alternative to fight for Wales on the National level.

Plaid Cymru FTW

Plaid’s Promise

Cymru am Byth

Archbishop of Banterbury, MG


Please note: All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of other admins, or politicalbantersite as a whole. Your vote is your choice, you can support who you want, don’t let a small blog influence you in any way, this is just a piece of analysis on what this election means for Plaid.


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